Biowell brought to you a unique combination of E-Commerce and Direct Selling. Through which you can buy best quality, world class Herbal Ayurvedic product direct from company. With never before Business Opportunity of Biowell you will earn from your daily expenses and can enjoy an authentic and wonderful journey of unlimited income, name, fame, security and circle by driving this wellness movement.

Where in traditional method, any product comes to customer from manufacturer through many mediators (like National Distributor, Regional Distributor, Whole seller and Retailer), further a huge amount is being spend on advertisement. Due to this system if a product having starting cost of Rs.30, when reaches to Customer costs Rs.100, it simply means that Rs. 70 goes in the hand of mediator. On the other hand, in Modern method, the manufactured product from manufacturer reaches to the customer directly and the 70% amount is distributed among registered distributors according to the rules. So now this 70% of the money is ready to come to you and your society through Biowell’s wellness movement.

Your income will come from 15 heads, which are in three categories as mentioned below…..

Benefits from start up BUSINESS


Matching bonus

Career Path

Career Path



Benefits from Repurchase BUSINESS
20% - 25%

Consumption Bonus

10% - 30%

Cumulative bonus on self repurchase

2% - 20%

Cumulative bonus on Team repurchase

5% - 10%

Mentorship Bonus

2% - 10%

Leadership Bonus

Partnership in Company

Lifestyle fund


Bike fund


royalty fund


car fund


House fund


directorship fund