Mr. D. K. Sharma


Biowell is founded by Mr. D. K. Sharma, a well known Life Coach and Motivational Trainer. He is also known as Management Guru. He is providing his Consultancy, Counseling and Training services since 10 years in all over India to different Industries like Insurance, Real Estate, Jewellery Industry, Para banking, FMCG and Direct Selling. Thousands of professional have changed their lives after being part of training sessions of Mr. Sharma. There are a lot of organizations which achieve huge success under guidance and planning provided by Mr. Sharma. He is an avid reader and writer. His famous dialogue, to which he often used to say is…“There is nothing free in this world” For more details about Mr. Sharma please visit

Mr. Sharma’s saying is “Whatever the pains and troubles came in my life was planned by the almighty God to teach me lesson, because his planning was to make me today’s D.K. Sharma. God did his work well, now it is my turn and I will do my job with full responsibility till the last breath". With this huge scenario, he started “Biowell” to make a “Wellness Movement”. Biowell is running with motto of wellness of all living beings across the world with a new concept - “Wealth through Wellness”.

Mr. Sharma is endeavoring to stimulate new entrepreneurs through the best business opportunity and high quality products range of Biowell. He is totally instrumental in building a strong, professional, organizational culture and drive the company firmly on a steady growth path. He is always strictly get involved in all development phases and took personal interest at every stage of product making and never permits any substandard material to be used. With such an experienced and professional person you can be free from all stress and be assured that your business, your present and future is in safe and strong hands.

Mr. Maneesh Chauhan


Mr. Maneesh has been known as a renowned motivational speaker, trainer and leadership coach for more than eight years. Before working with the idea of Biowell, Mr. Maneesh Chauhan was a significant contributor to the success of the Mr. D. K. Sharma’s legacy. As a sought-after facilitator of training, he has successfully helped thousands of candidates through Mr. Sharma business programmes to discover their potential.

Through his hard work & determination Mr. Maneesh Chauhan builds up a successful business despite being born to humble circumstances. Combining this talent, passion and unique experience, Mr. Maneesh is strength and a strong pillar for Biowell. His ideas are revolutionary to conventional network marketing thinking. He always attempt to add magnetism to intensify the field of Biowell's broad network of direct selling. He started to give a makeover to the Biowell network marketing business model. He has a vision of caring and helping others and his one and only aim is to help people to discover a better way of life and provide them the means to live it and share the benefits. He has a very amiable personality with a very passionate heart and he always remains full of energy about his work in any condition whether it is a positive situation or a negative. He believes in the fact that a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

About our Management Team

We have well experienced and dynamic management team with combined experience of Direct Selling and E-Commerce. We have the expert professionals, involved in establishing the mile stone of direct selling with a huge aspect of spreading the wellness through Ayurveda. A high-quality workforce of professional talents, together with a localized and well-regulated management, has contributed to the strategic goals. We have a strong research and development team to assure the quality of the products. In addition, a new dimension based on a complete operational management system and well-designed regulations have been adapted by means of modern analytical tools to methodically support the traditional knowledge