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Cream Bar



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Product Description

At present, there are soaps in the market in the name of herbal which are filled with extremely harmful chemicals that damage the skin inside. Thats why skin diseases are increasing nowadays. The skin is the upper layer of the body, if it remains healthy then you will look healthy. If your skin is good then you look more youthful than your age. It is very important for the skin to be healthy and moisturized. That is why Biowell is brought to take good care of the skin, made from natural ingredients, an herbal product - Biowell cream bar. Which is especially rich in essential nutrients for skin beauty.

Product Benefits
  • Biowell Herbal Cream-Bar has been prepared with the combination of natural ingredients, which is full of antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids.
  • Milk cream and cocoa butter deeply moisturize the skin, due to which it is extremely beneficial in all skin related problems such as rusty skin, eczema, psoriasis etc.
  • Regular use makes the skin nourishing, beautiful, healthy and soft.
  • It contains antibacterial properties that fight against the acne, allergy &germs, producing extra oils.
  • Due to the qualities of aloevera, rose and sandalwood, it makes the skin beautiful and shiny.
  • Due to the presence of essential oils for the skin, it reduces the problems caused by aging on skin such as wrinkles, fine lines etc and get rid of spots.

  • Milk cream, coconut oil, sandalwood, olive oil, aloevera, rose, coco butter.
How to Use
  • The method of using it is very easy. For the rest of the day you feel refreshed and beautiful. Apply it on your skin after wetting the skin while bathing. Massage for some time wash with water and clean the skin with clean, dry towels.