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Cough Remedy



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Product Description

Apart from cold in the changing season, you and your loved ones face a lot of difficulties due to cough. The side effects of those medicines cannot be ignored before taking the help of allopathic medicines for their treatment. Thats why Biowell has brought you, an Ayurvedic formula that treats you without any unwanted side effects. Biowell Cuff Remedy is an Ayurvedic formula made from deep research, a unique blend of 12 precious herbs, to give you rapid relief of cough, throat tightness, throat irritation, shortness of breath and nervousness. It has natural properties of fighting phlegm. It is ayurvedic cough syrup that provides rapid relief without any side effects.

Product Benefits
  • Biowell Cough Remedy is used for treatment of cold, nasal and sneezing due to cold, pollen-fever (allergic rhinitis) and allergic reactions due to nostrils, inflammation of the eyes, swelling of the throat, sore throat, irritation, cramping and other conditions.
  • Biowell Cough Remedy is very beneficial in reducing sore throat.
  • It is a miraculous medicine in itself, which eliminates the cough and removes cough from the root and relieves the stiffness in the throat.
  • Biowell Cough Remedy is very beneficial in reducing sore throat.
  • This cough remedy also treat infections in the respiratory system.
  • This cough remedy is extremely beneficial not only for adults but also for children.

  • Somlata, Peppermint, Tulsi, Khatami, Mulethi, Linseed, Amaltas, Malabar, Gojiair, Gurchatti, Lasdha, Plum and Nausadar.
How to Use
  • Adults: Two-two teaspoons four times a day. Children: One teaspoon four times a day. Before using Biowell Cough Remedy, provide your doctor with information about your current medications, allergies, pre-existing diseases and current health conditions. If your condition does not improve, consult your doctor immediately.